Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogiversary Giveway Update

Remember, the deadline for my 1st Blogiversary Giveaway is June 30. This is the first blog contest I've ever done, so bear with me. I updated the post requesting that you include your email address with your entry, unless you have a blog that will allow me to contact you or you know that I already know how to contact you.

Anyway, if you've already entered and you commented anonymously or you have a blogger profile but no blog that I could contact you through, please send me an email at anna_begood AT hotmail DOT com or post another comment here that includes your email address. I just want whoever wins to have a chance to claim their prize! Thanks!

[There also were a couple comments that appear that they could be by the same person...or so it seems when I click on the profiles. I really hope I'm wrong about that. I want this giveaway to be as fair as possible.]


Serena said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned that I needed emails in my contest as well, though many of the entrants I can easily get contact information from.

I hope no one is cheating and getting duplicate entries because that's not fair to everyone else who entered just once.

Anna said...

I just hope no one gets offended by my post. I'm just trying to be fair.