Monday, March 2, 2009

Mailbox Monday -- March 2

It's time for another Mailbox Monday!

Only two books made themselves at home this week, and it's a good thing because the book I'm reading now (An Obsolete Honor by Helena P. Schrader) is good but taking longer to read than I expected.

Here's what I received:

The Crimes of Paris: A True Story of Murder, Theft, and Detection by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler (from Hachette)

The Mechanics of Falling and Other Stories by Catherine Brady (for an April book tour)

What books did you welcome into your home last week?

Thanks to Marcia from The Printed Page for hosting Mailbox Monday!


Sandy Nawrot said...

Anything with "Murder, Theft and Detection" in the title is for me! I will look forward to your review of that one!

Wendi said...

I don't generally read mysteries, but the title of The Crimes of Paris does sound interesting!

Happy reading Anna!!


Anna said...

Sandy: I haven't started it yet, but I looked at the pictures in the middle of the book, and I'm intrigued.

Wendi: Thanks! I didn't realize this was nonfiction until I received it. I can't wait to start it.

Serena said...

Both of those books sound fantastic. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them.

avisannschild said...

Your books both sound interesting! I'm hoping to win a copy of the first one.

Staci said...

I'm a loser...not one book came to my house via the mailbox this week!!!

Shana said...

The Brady book sounds interesting Anna!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by the mailbox this week. Enjoy your books!

Anna said...

~Serena: Now I just have to find time to read them. LOL

~avisannschild: I'll be offering a giveaway when I post my review, so stay tuned!

~Staci: No loser talk 'round these parts!! Sometimes no books in the mail is a blessing I've found.

~Shana: It does! I'll be reading it very soon.

~Marcia: Thanks for hosting!