Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Photographic Accolades

My good friend Serena received some wonderful news yesterday that I just had to share. Those who read my blog know her as the source of all the photos that appear here (unless otherwise noted). (I was going to say she's MY photographer, but I'm not sure such an assertion would be well received :D)

I'm happy to announce that two of Serena's photos will appear online in All Things Girl in the September and November issues!!!!! Serena also has published some poems there as well.

I'll let you all know as soon as she tells me the issues are online.

Congratulations, Serena! All your hard work is beginning to pay off!

(I encourage you all to check out her poems at All Things Girl and head on over to her blog for more poetry talk! Also, check out more of her photos here.)


Serena said...

What is this some kind of shameless plug on my behalf? LOL Thanks. I'm touched! I think I am blushing! LOL

Anna said...

Well...I'm happy for you!

Serena said...

You forgot this one: http://www.allthingsgirl.com/pp/as/000502.shtml

in the Resilience & Renewal (April-May 2005)issue of All Things Girl.

Anna said...

Now there's a shameless plug! LOL

Actually I googled your name and All Things Girl and those are the only two I found!

I'll update the post with the link!

Serena said...

OK...yes, I am shameless!

Anna said...

Hey, you should be proud! You earned it!