Friday, August 10, 2007

Ravelry Rocks!

I have prepared a post with pictures of another past knit, but I haven't had the time to get it online. (I really need a home computer!)

I am so excited that I finally got my invite to Ravelry! I went to the site earlier this week to find out where I was in line, only to discover I'd received an invite in June! I guess I didn't do a good job scanning my junk email that morning!

Well, I'm in now, though I haven't had a lot of time to enjoy the full benefits of the site. (Hence my need for a home computer! Too bad my husband doesn't read my blog...there's some major hinting going on here!) I've input one of my knitting books into my library and took inventory of my needles. (It wasn't that hard because I don't have much of a collection just yet.)

I plan to take note of my stash this weekend, and hopefully I can get Serena (Happy 30th by the way!!) to take pictures of it all when she gets back from Vegas. I also hope to input my current projects and maybe some past ones, but this all takes time...which I don't have.

I will admit to spending too much time sifting through the numerous patterns on the site. I seriously bookmarked like 50 sock patterns. I can tell that Ravelry is going to be such a good resource for knitters. I really like keeping inventory of my knitting activities, but the forums and groups are cool, too. Now if only I had time to look into them. Too bad I have to do work while I'm at work. :D

ETA: I'm franna724 on Ravelry!


Bethany said...

I cannot wait for my invite but i have a long long way to go!
I guess I should have paid more attention and signed up sooner.
So share all that you have learned with us, the uninvited.

Anna said...

Unfortunately, I haven't learned much yet. I can totally see how someone could spend ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT on the site!!! Alas, I can only steal a few minutes here and a few minutes there. But from what I've seen so far, it's worth the wait.

Rachel said...

I'm having Bethany's problem--I have 12,589 people ahead of me in line. I have a feeling that means I'll be in when they open the flood gates to everyone.

Anna said...

I'm surprised the people at Ravelry didn't realize there would be this much demand for their site!

Serena said...

there is a bit of demand for this site...they need one of these for I'd be all over that!

Anna said...

You should start one!