Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interview with Steve Luxenberg, author of Annie's Ghosts

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Luxenberg, author of Annie's Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret. (You can read my review if you haven't already by clicking here.)

I want to thank Steve for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions. The interview is posted on my Examiner page, and you can read it by clicking here. I'd love to know what you all think.

(Author photo credit: The Washington Post)


Marie Cloutier said...

that's a great interview Anna!

Peter S. said...

Hi Anna! I envy you. It must be a great experience to talk to authors.

Serena said...

I will pop on over to read the interview. I'm sure he had some very interesting things to say.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I've been seeing this book around; it looks good!!!

Anna said...

Thanks to Marie, Peter, Serena, Diane, and everyone else who checked out the interview. I really appreciate it.

Peter: I've found authors to be pretty approachable when it comes to interviews.