Monday, June 14, 2010

Diary of an Eccentric Has Moved! Please Update Your Feed Readers/Subscriptions!

After a frustrating weekend of login and weird redirect issues in Blogger, I decided to finally take the plunge and move to Wordpress.

Check out the "new" Diary of an Eccentric!

You should be automatically redirected, but if not, just click the link.

I hope you will update your feed readers and subscriptions!  I'd hate to lose contact with all my loyal readers from the past three years. **I think the move should be seamless since I updated my Feedburner feed, but since I'm not very tech savvy, I can't be sure it worked.**

It seems as though all the posts and comments have been transferred, except for the few comments I received between the time I completed the import and the time I post this.

Please excuse the dust on the new blog, as it'll take me a bit to get things where I want them.


Suko said...

Thanks for the notice. I will update my blogroll, Anna.

Serena said...

well, it seems to redirect already after a bit.

Anna said...

Yes, thanks to some much needed help from Dar!