Friday, October 5, 2007

Scarf Knitting Is for the Birds

I've fallen behind in cataloging my finished knits (and finished reads), but hopefully I'll be caught up soon (though soon might be a lot optimistic with my schedule as of late).

Not only am I bad at keeping up with my blog, but I'm also horrible about getting things in the mail in a timely manner. (Maybe it's because the post office is no longer within walking distance of work, and my husband and I are on opposite schedules, so the changing of the guard each afternoon is chaotic and leaves little time for running errands.) Anyway, my niece's 9th birthday was a week ago, and I've got to get this in the mail. So before I do, I present...

Feathery Phoenix Scarf

Pattern: I just cast on 10 stitches and knit every row until i ran out of yarn.
Yarn: Crystal Palace Splash, Color 7179 Flame (100% polyester, 1 ball)
Needles: U.S. 11 straights (Susan Bates, 14-inch aluminum)
Finished: August 2007

I thought of the name "Feathery Phoenix Scarf" while I was knitting this and reading the new Harry Potter book at the same time. The feather look, combined with Harry Potter and the flame-colored yarn...well, you get the picture.

I'm not too fond of novelty yarns, but I received this as a gift, and it screamed "fluffy scarf for little girl." I was surprised how much I enjoyed knitting with this yarn. It's very soft, and the colors are vibrant. Actually, I wasn't keen on the colors until they knit up. I have to keep telling myself the scarf is NOT for me! (I probably wouldn't wear it anyway, to be honest.)

I'm surprised it only took me a little more than a week to finish this because I'm not a fan of knitting scarves. I love scarves, but not knitting them. On the one hand, the mindless knitting is great for knitting while reading. On the other hand, there is no excitement in knitting a scarf--not for me anyway. Sure, the first dozen rows are great, and then it just gets tedious. It doesn't matter whether it's garter stitch or some intricate pattern...knitting on and on for inches and inches gets pretty boring. If I didn't like the finished products so much, I probably wouldn't knit scarves at all.

Sometimes I think I have ADD when it comes to knitting. (Has anyone seen how many unfinished knits I have listed in Ravelry? It's somewhat embarrassing!)

So tell me, am I the only one who lusts after big projects (scarves are big projects to me) but prefers the instant gratification of smaller projects? Is this why I've been knitting for 4 years (this month!) and have yet to complete a sweater? (I start them...I just need to finish them!)

Well, as long as I'm happy with what's on my needles--knitting is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, not a source of stress--I guess I'm okay. :)

**Photos Copyright 2007 Serena M. Agusto-Cox**


Serena said...

can i just tell you that not only do i love the colors of this scarf and its fluffiness, but also its Phoenix name! :D

As for knitting, you are much more dedicated than I. i have given up and don't plan on returning to the hobby--as if I had time for it with all the blogging, writing, work, and photography I have been up to. I am way behind in all of those things.

I say knit on and now I want that scarf!

Anna said...

Well, coming from someone with a phoenix tattoo, I assumed you'd like it.

If you really like it that much, I'd be willing to get the yarn and knit it again for you.

(Oh, and if you ever do want to knit again, the offer to teach you still stands!)

Serena said...

LOL I would love that phoenix scarf! ok i stop now.

as for knitting, maybe again someday...I have to get some of this other stuff caught up and get back to writing.

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hiya Anna!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!!

Just looking at the scarf........the colours are fantastic! I'm sure your niece will love it!!

Anna said...

Thanks! (and you're welcome!)