Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Winter Shelter Update

This is a drive-by blog posting just to let those of you knitting something for my church's winter shelter know that the deadline to get the hats and mittens/gloves, etc., to me is Nov. 10. (Email me, and I'll let you know where to mail the packages.) I just got word that the shelter will be at my church beginning Nov. 12. This will give me a couple of days to get everything together and arrange a drop-off day.

Thanks to everyone lending their help. If anyone else is interested, you can read all about the shelter project in the original blog post.

There's been lots of public transit reading and homeless-shelter knitting going on, but little time to blog. I hope to have a real blog post soon!

Oh, and btw....YEA SOX!!!!


Serena said...

Good work on the shelter knitting. keep up the good work!

Dawn said...

What a great thing you're doing! That's awesome!

And congrats to your Sox! :)

Bethany said...

I am almost finished with the scarf, sorry, I totally let you down on this. I got caught up in my own crappy details and dropped the ball. Sorry sorry sorry, I think I may be losing my mind.