Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ouch, or It's Always an Adventure

You'd think I'd be having a better night now that I can breathe, and I'm not hacking up a lung, but no...I'm in pain.

The lovely ice storm this afternoon and evening made the train platform a skating rink. I actually caught the early train this afternoon, but it was nearly 30 minutes late due to the ice. It stopped for about 5 minutes at each platform so the weary commuters could baby step all the way to our cars.

Apparently we pay $200 per month for train tickets, and they can't afford salt or sand. I made it off the train onto a quarter-inch of ice on the platform, down the icy stairs holding onto an equally icy railing, down two more flights of stairs, up two more flights, and I thought I was home free. Hubby waiting in the warm car, The Girl snoring in the back seat, and just as I'm about to open the door, I slip and fall! (It's true when they say the bigger you are, the harder you fall!)

I landed on the palm of my left hand, which scraped across the ice and pavement and still stings. I also bent my knee (the knee that's bothered me since childhood, no less!) the wrong way. Nothing that warrants a doctor's appointment, but it hurts...and it was embarrassing. The hubby mimicked the look on my face as I went down all the way home, but at least he asked if I was okay first. (That's important because when I was about 13, I took a major tumble on my bike and actually popped off the seat. I was bruised and bleeding, and my father took one look at me and asked, "How's the bike?" Oh, did that make me mad! I still haven't forgotten it!)

Today's incident marks the third time I've fallen in the nearly two years I've taken public transit. The first was last year when I tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk and landed face down, bruising my leg from the ankle to the knee and nearly tearing a hole in my favorite jeans. The other was last week, when I tripped up the escalator, landed on my hands (those escalator stairs are sharp!), and nearly had my fingers sucked into the side of the escalator.

I count myself lucky.

Public transit has been an adventure, that's for sure. Serena loves my stories of the people we've affectionately dubbed the "public transit crazies." (She even has a few tales of her own.) I could tell you some doozies...


Serena said...

yeah that icy stuff was no fun. I literally debated with myself about going into the office yesterday given my recent track record with ice and falling and breaking my wrist bones and all that stuff. But amazingly I made it in and home in one piece.

Bethany said...

Jeez, are you ok? I fell today as well but that was due to running around in the snow in a pair of Crocs like a fool. I hope you are ok, they are going to be sorry when someone really hurts themselves and they get sued. For 200 a month you should be able to expect some safety. That is really high, jeez, though I would love to shed my car and just take the train.

Dawn said...

Oh how terrible!!! I'm so sorry to hear about that happening! You should complain to the city (email your mayor!) to put some salt or sand down on the icy parts. Take a pic of where you slipped and send it in an email!

Your hubby was probably scared to see you go down, men have a hard time with seeing us hurt I think so they make a funny. Is he taking care of you now? He better be! LOL! Take care and BE CAREFUL!

Anna said...

I was a little sore the day after, but now I'm fine. It was hard to get anyone to take care of me when The Girl was sent home sick with a stomach bug!

I emailed them a complaint, and they insisted over and over that they salted but the rain washed it away.

The funny thing is this morning...no ice, but they salted so much that people were slipping on the salt!!!

Dawn said...

That reminds me of when our janitors stipped and waxed the floors at the bank I worked at. Several of us (wearing high heels) almost bit the dust. I was pregnant-and big and was lucky our investment guy was right behind me or I'd have fallen with my heavy cash drawer on top of me. My supervisor did end up falling. HARD. Smack on her tail bone. They SWORE they didn't do anything wrong or different than they usually did. We were flabbergasted. You just can't win sometimes...Just be careful!

And I hope your daughter is better! Poor thing! Hate tummy troubles...