Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Everyone Loves a Contest That Involves Free Books!

In honor of National Poetry Month, Serena is having a blog contest. All you have to do is post on her blog about your favorite poem, and you're entered to win a volume of poetry. It's that easy. I'm all about free books, so you can be sure I was the first to enter.

I survived the writer's conference and speed dating with an editor. I was terrified, considering that I share my work with very few people. But it wasn't so bad. I'm writing up the conference review, so look for that here very soon!

And I have a Blogger-related question for those who are savvy on the topic: When you click to view my profile on the sidebar, you get an error message. I've followed the steps about contacting Blogger and posting on the Blogger Help Group page, but no one seems to want to help. I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone have a clue???


Dawn said...

Yep, I get this:
error code: bX-5399ih
Additional information
host: www.blogger.com
uri: /profile/08046635675540466183

I'm so glad you had a good time at the conference. From that site it seems like it was bound to be very informative! What a great opportunity to speak to others with your passion!

Hope that error gets fixed soon! Are you able to edit it at all?

Serena said...

I was about to say, have you tried to edit your profile? Maybe you should try that and see if it miraculously fixes itself.

Thanks for the contest advertisement. LOL

I can't wait to read your thoughts on the conference...if my mind were clear enough I would have a post up already.

Anna said...

I've tried taking it down and reposting. I've attempted to delete it so I could do it again. I've edited it and then tried to view it. I added a picture and then tried to view it. I even stopped sharing it and then clicked the button to share it again, and that didn't work.

I've emailed someone from the Blogger Help Group. I've seen a lot of people there with the same problem, but no one wants to respond. Blogger makes it impossible to contact them directly.

Oh, well. As long as the blog itself works, I guess it's all right. It's frustrating, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! I got your e-mail the other day--thank you! Pete and I have been pretty sick for just about a week now.... I promise I'll e-mail you back soon! I was just taking a few moments before my shower and bed (gotta ditch this nasty headache!) to check out some of my best loved sites (yours included of course!). I couldn't help but notice your pic. of The Girl at her b-day at Hopeville. Ummm..... I took that picture! :)
Miss ya lots and love ya even more!
Sarah (won't let me publish under my blogger name....)

Anna said...

All fixed, my dear! That's what I get for inserting pictures while half-asleep! Please forgive me!