Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Gram's 90th Birthday Shawl...Er, Scarf

I finished my gram's 90th birthday gift late (what else is new?), but she was fine with that. She's a doll! I'd hoped for it to be my first shawl, but I knew I didn't have a lot of yarn...only one hank in the color she liked. So against my better judgment, I cast on and knit anyway.

Blossom Shawlette

Pattern: Blossom by Amy Polcyn (that's the Ravelry link, but I got the pattern back when it was published in the now defunct MagKnits)

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers (1 hank, color 9325)

Needles: U.S. 8

Started: June 1, 2008

Finished: June 28, 2008

Modifications: I think I was able to do 9 or 10 pattern repeats before I ran out of yarn. Then I blocked it to within an inch of its existence.

Even though I wish it turned out bigger and was an actual shawl, I tried it on as a scarf, and I think it works. I think my gram will be pleased. It's soft, warm, in the color she requested, and she'll get a beautiful shawl/scarf pin (note to self: shop for scarf pin so this sucker can be mailed!) out of the deal! Have any of you knitters ever continued knitting something against your better judgment?

Other than finishing the shawlette and my sister's socks and working here and there on the scarf that never ends (it's been three years in the making!), I haven't done much knitting in the last few weeks. I've done a lot of reading, dog sitting, adjusting to the hubby's new work schedule, and (for once) enjoying life. (That's a wonderful feeling, by the way!)

In addition to a ton of book reviews (note to self: catch up with blogging!) and a few author interviews, I plan to post the rest of the knitting projects from the winter that I never got around to posting. I know, who wants to see hats and mittens and gloves when it's 90 bazillion degrees outside? But summer soon will be over, and I'd like to catalog these knits before I'm eligible for Medicare. :)

**Photo Copyright 2008 Serena M. Agusto-Cox**


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that's me (Lady Blogger). I'm using a different internet server and can't get it off my old blog name.

Dawn said...

It looks great! You did a fantastic job! A pretty pin will totally make it shine I think! She'll love it!

So glad you're feeling good! :)

oooh can't wait to see more knitting....

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I didn't know you knitted -I do too, although I've been mostly reading of late. I'm more of a fall/winter knitter.

Anna said...

Thanks everyone!

Stephanie: I didn't realize you knit either! And like you, I've been mostly reading these days.

Serena said...

i think that its a great gift and gram will love it.

Anna said...

Thanks, Serena! Again, thanks for being my photographer! :D

LisaMM said...

Is it just me, or at first glance does this look like someone wearing thong underwear?? LOL

Anna said...

Good thing I wasn't drinking when I read that, Lisa! I would've spit it out on my computer screen! Too funny!

That's some seriously big thong undies!