Monday, November 24, 2008

We Have More Winners (and Some Talk About Twilight the Movie)

I apologize for posting this list of winners a bit later than I expected, but better late than never!

But first...did anyone run out and see Twilight over the weekend? Serena and I went on Saturday afternoon, and it was fun times for sure. I'm not sure the movie was meant to be laugh-out-loud funny the whole way through, but that's what we did. I read the book quite awhile ago, and I remember enjoying it a lot, but I don't remember the book being so...plotless. Much of the movie was Bella and Edward staring at each other (not that I minded gazing at the eye candy that is Robert Pattinson, but I digress), and all the action was confined to the last 30 minutes or so. I'm pretty sure someone who didn't read the book was watching it wondering when the heck something--anything--was going to happen! Still, the movie was enjoyable, and I hope they make the rest of the books into movies (though they better get a move on because Edward's not supposed to age!). All I have to say is Edward and Jasper = hotness!

Anyway...back to the winners:

The lucky winner of The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff is Serena from Savvy Verse & Wit! Congratulations!

The lucky winner of Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal is Veens from giving reading a chance! Congratulations!

The lucky winner of Sam's Quest: The Royal Trident is Bookfool from Bookfoolery and Babble! Congratulations!

Happy Reading!


Serena said...


I had a great time staring at Jaspar and Edward...they're still no Mick St. John from Moonlight though...he's my real vampire eyecandy.

Jess: PC downloads...hmm not going to work with apple computers :(

Congrats to VEENS, you've won!
Congrats to Bookfool!

I'm so happy I will have my own copy of the 19th Wife

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Twilight and don't plan, too. The books just don't interest me. Congrats to the winners.

Bookfool said...

Thanks, Anna!

I haven't seen Twilight, but everyone I know who has seen it enjoyed it. The teenagers are a little pickier than the adults.

Jo-Jo said...

Congrats to the winners!!!!

Suey said...

Interesting that you liked Jasper! Oh, and I agree with Serena... I'll take Mick over Edward I'm thinkin.... :)

I'm having fun seeing so many different "who's the hottest" regarding this Twilight movie. Fun stuff!

Anna said...

Serena: Mick St. John's pretty hot, but I never watched the show. I'm going to check it out on Sci-Fi, so I'm sure he'll grow on me right quick! I knew you'd be thrilled about The 19th Wife. Happy reading!

Bermudaonion: I hadn't planned on reading the books at all. Serena sort of pushed them on me. LOL At least I ended up enjoying them for the most part.

Bookfool: I've seen some good reviews. We saw it with mostly teenagers, and they laughed along with us.

Suey: Edward definitely was the hottest! Jasper surprised me. He was more beautiful than creepy, and I loved how uncomfortable he looked around Bella. So true to the book!

Shana said...

Anna, my daughter and I TRIED to watch this movie this afternoon, but the cinema was having trouble with the sound, so we ended up with four free movie passes (which was pretty cool, since I'd only bought two tickets!) BUT I could tell from the 15 minutes or so that we say that the movie isn't going to be NEARLY as good as the book!!!


Anonymous said...

People thats MY NAME on HER BLOG :D

LOL! I won a book-- i am ure i will njoi it ;)

Serena- u r on a wining spree - i have seen you winning so many :D

Happy Thanksgiving... :)

this is an awesome present !! thanks Anna :)

Anna said...

Shana: Have you had a chance to see it yet?

Veens: You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy the book!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Congrats to the winners! I think I'm going to stay away from Twilight until some of the hysteria dies down. Can't remember the last time I saw so many teenaged girls at the theatre!

Anna said...

Trish: We went the day after it came out just after noon, so there wasn't too many people in the theater. We probably were among the oldest in the theater, though!