Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June in Review

June was a pretty good month for me, reading-wise. I finished 9 books, bringing my total for the year to 61. I read 5 books for the WWII reading challenge at War Through the Generations, bringing my total for the challenge to 14.

Here is my June list [click the titles to read my reviews]:

Miranda's Big Mistake
by Jill Mansell
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Bloody Good by Georgia Evans
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
Children of the Flames by Lucette Matalon Lagnado and Sheila Cohn Dekel
Let the Shadows Fall Behind You by Kathy-Diane Leveille
The Seventh Well by Fred Wander
T4 by Ann Clare LaZotte
Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham (a.k.a Bill Surie)

I'm enjoying the mix of review copies (always looking for good new books) and books that have been languishing on my shelves. I've been keeping up with my goal of reviewing all the books I finish, and I'm well on my way to meeting my goal of 100 books for the year.

Are you all making progress on your reading goals? How many books did you read in June? Let me know in the comments!


Sandy Nawrot said...

I clocked in at 50 books this year so far, with 7 of them in June. I had to remind myself that on June 16th I left for Poland, so I actually read quite a few more than 7 but will be reviewed this month! I am really anxious to finish my goal of 10 for WWII, but I can only take them in small doses. I have two more to go! Glad to see you back!

Literary Feline said...

It sounds like you had a great month, Anna. My own reading is staying pretty steady from month to month this year--which isn't very much in comparison to your reading. I have been very pleased, however, with what I've been reading and so I'm quite content with it, even if I haven't been able to get in the numbers I might have liked.

I'm currently reading The Welsh Girl for the War Through the Generations Challenge. So far so good.

Have a great July!

Serena said...

You make me feel very competitive with these wrap up posts! I am no where near finishing 100 books...though I haven't really counted. Maybe I will when the summer is over.

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

WOW! How do you do it?! I don't think I even read that many in a year and you're only 6 months in!!

Darlene said...

Great month Anna! I think I'm doing good with how many books I'm reading but not so good with challenges.

Unknown said...

Thats a nice long list!! I dont think i can ever read so many books in a month :) Great month, keep it going!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Much better than I did this month!

Bookfool said...

Welcome back! You had a good month. I read 14 books in June and I'm so over-booked (big mistake) that I haven't found the time to write a month in review post. Soon, I hope. I just passed 100 books, last week. Wahoo! Don't think I'm going to make my goal of 200, though, because I seem to be burning out a bit.

Anna said...

Thanks everyone! I enjoy reading about your progress. I'm doing pretty good so far for July, though my vacation earlier this month cut into a bit of my vacation time. If it wasn't for all the time I spend on the train, I wouldn't read nearly as much!

Hope you're all meeting your July goals!