Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon Hour 12: Mid-Event Survey

Hour 12 of Dewey's Read-a-Thon is upon us, and The Girl and I thought we'd take a break and answer the mid-event survey.  There probably won't be too many updates after this one, as the book I'm reading is good, and I want to stay focused.

What are you reading right now?

The Girl:  Bone: The Great Cow Race by Jeff Smith

Anna:  My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young

How many books have you read so far?

The Girl:  I finished one whole book, and I've read 15 pages of another.

Anna:  I finished a book I started a couple of days ago, about 125 pages read, and I've read 20 pages of another.  I'm learning that I'm a slow reader...or just easily distracted.  My husband, who really isn't participating, has read 30 pages in between video games, basketball, and other activities.

What book are you most looking forward to in the second half of the Read-a-Thon?

The Girl:  I'm looking forward to reading a SpongeBob Squarepants book later.

Anna:  I'd just like to finish My Enemy's Cradle or get as close to finishing as possible.  It's 365 pages...and I'm on page 20.  I have a long way to go.

Did you have to make special arrangements to free up your whole day?

The Girl:  Yes.  I had to put off playing my DS games until tomorrow.

Anna:  Not really.  I always have the weekends off from work, and since The Girl is participating, too, I didn't have to arrange any special entertainment for her.  Actually, she's our entertainment!

What surprises you most about the Read-a-Thon so far?

The Girl:  I actually finished a whole book!

Anna:  I finished a book early on.  Granted, it was a book I started a couple of days ago, but I finished it!

Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-Thon next year?

The Girl:  I want there to be a challenge where I have to make a comic.

Anna:  I wish there were more new mini-challenges and less repeated ones from the previous Read-a-Thons.

What would you do differently, as a Reader or a Cheerleader, if you were to do this again next year?

The Girl:  Pick more action books and Goosebumps books.

Anna:  Try to have more quiet time.  It's kind of distracting trying to read when the men are playing video games and watching movies.

Are you getting tired yet?

The Girl:  No, I'm energetic!

Anna:  I'm not tired, just think I need a change of scenery or some quiet.  Although, the quiet could put me to sleep.

Do you have any tips for other Readers or Cheerleaders, something you think is working well for you that others may not have discovered?

The Girl:  Take 10 breaks at least.

Anna:  Since I've only read about 145 pages in 12 hours, I don't think anyone wants to take my advice.  LOL

Well, back to our books!  Thanks for stopping by to cheer us on!


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Serena said...

Rah Rah Rah! Goooooo READ!

Florinda said...

Looks like you and The Girl are both rockin' the Readathon - keep it going, and happy reading :-D!

Shelley said...

I love The Girl's answers to the survey. I'm jealous of her energy. Here's a cheer for you two:

You can do it-
You're so hip.
Give that page
Another flip!

Halfway through
You're going strong.
With awesome books
You can't go wrong!

Booksnyc said...

I am reading slowly too - glad I am not the only one! Enjoy the rest of the thon!

Staci said...

I would love to see a comic by The hubby has been distracting me all day with movies on t.v!! Doesn't he realize that I can't read and watch at the same time!!????

Keep reading!!!

Jenners said...

Go Anna! Go Girl!

I think you are doing great ... and you are doing it together so that is what counts! : )

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Watch out, we're here!
Everybody stand clear!
Let's shout, let's cheer!
Our victory is near!

Readathon Cheerleeder :D

Sandy Nawrot said...

Don't you love the poems??? I'm finding myself slow too, if that makes you feel any better. The best entertainment so far was watching Emma teaching Ryan how to do yoga. It was worth the distraction!!!!

Meaghan said...

I didn't know what to say for the advice section of this either because I am only on book #2 so I felt a bit slackerish, but you are doing great! Keep Reading!

Rayna said...

it's so cool that you are reading together. my son is only 3 but we got a bunch of new books just so I could read to him when he needed extra attention through the day can't wait till he's old enough to actually read. Good Luck!!

Cheryl said...

You are doing great! I am finally on my third book and getting tired. IT's great that you have your girl doing this along with you!

Jennifer said...

READ READ READ!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!! You are AWESOME!!!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I honestly thought I was a faster reader than this, but I too am proving to be easily distracted! Plus I'm tired, must break out the soda soon!

Kathleen said...

It's so cool that the two of you are doing this together! I can't wait till my kids are old enough to read all day! What a great way to promote literacy!

We did a comic mini-challenge the first readathon ever and I think the third. I won the first one but there was also only 3 entries.

Andria said...

Hey, I'm a fellow reader, here to say Great job, and great blog! Love it! I have a 9 year old too, and she loves to read. What's your daughter's favorite book?

Jenny N. said...

I see The Girl is reading The Bone series which I really liked. Its nice to see both of you doing this together. Happy Reading :D

Heidenkind said...

You guys are doing great! It sounds like you're both having fun, and that's the whole point, right? :)

Michelle said...

I am so there with you.
I am a very slow reader.
However I have finished 3 books that I needed to finish.
My hubby was cheering me on, now he has gone to bed.

Shanyn said...

In a Story Book

At night when sunshine goes away,
And it's too dark for me to play,
I like to come inside, and look
For new friends in a story book.


Yay! it must be fun to have a readathon partner:) I LOVE BONE im up to vol 3 keep going its great :)

Amused said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great!!

Katy said...

Aww, you guys are too cute. I love that you're both readathon-ing today.

Wall-to-wall books said...

This is so cute, you and "The girl"
You go girl! and you too! heehee
My daughter is doing it with me but she is 21 so she is doing her own posting.

Bitsy said...

That is great that the two of you are doing this together! Good for your guys! I hope you both are having lots of fun and enjoying all of the reading today! Congrats on finishing those books!

Dreamybee said...

Way to go ladies! Anna, I am making about the same amount of progress-not as much as I thought I would! I've been having a good time though. Have fun!

Cathy W said...

Glad you and The Girl are having fun!

Happy Reading!

Stacy said...

You all are doing so awesome! The Girl - Congrats on finishing a book and hope you enjoy the Spongebob:)

Rae said...

Haha, The Girl is so cute! :D Gogo, read some more!!

Rachel said...

Keep up the great work!

Esme said...

Good luck with the reading.

Alyce said...

I love that you guys are making it a family event! Congrats on all of the reading you have accomplished!

Sullivan McPig said...

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

Serena said...

Don't let those eyes droop
head out on the stoop
get some fresh air
before heading back to that chair
pick up your book
take another look
read, read, read

The Bookworm said...

You guys did great!

Anna said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. We didn't stay up too long after this post, but all your cheering helped. You guys rock!