Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh, My Goodness! She Actually Knits!!

Yes, my friends, last night was the first time since May that I picked up the knitting needles. It was almost to the point where I'd have to dust them off and sweep away the cobwebs.

I switched on my favorite Christian radio station and listened to the comforting clack of the needles through Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family, PowerPoint, Truths That Transform, and Love Worth Finding.

To ensure I got in some writing time, I put myself on a schedule. Sad, I know, but when you have so many hobbies you love, drastic measures are necessary. I've kept up reading my favorite knitting blogs and even popped in at the Knitter's Review forums. And I just couldn't take it anymore. I HAD TO KNIT--even if it was only for a couple hours.

I'll admit I was a little rusty. I started with Viena and got to the end of the first row, realized I made a mistake at the beginning of the row, and had to unknit to fix it. (At least I caught the mistake early.)

After 45 minutes (including many minutes in which I dealt with the girl's tummy ache, exploding bladder, and refusal to go to bed and stay there), I'd completed a pattern repeat. Yea! Now the back of the cardigan is complete to the point where I need to start the armhole shaping.

During the next hour, I worked on Ribena. Because it is worked on smaller needles than Viena, this one is slower going. But I managed to knit 16 rows on the back to complete the last section of the rib pattern. Now it's straight stockinette stitch until the armhole shaping.

I realized how much I missed knitting, how it really does calm you and take your mind off all the stresses that build up during the day. I think I should try hard to keep this schedule, as it leaves ample time for writing as well. (And I'm even fitting in some exercise time earlier in the evening! Lord knows I need that!)

I really wish I could afford a digital camera so I could document my progress. At the very least, hopefully I can get Serena to take pics of the finished objects. After all, these will be my first sweaters. (And to think I've been knitting for almost three years. My knitting anniversary is in October!)

I'm itching to cast on a pair of socks using the leftover yarn from the recent Jaywalkers (plain stockinette with a roll-top cuff for The Girl), but I'm determined to finish at least 80 percent of the works in progress listed in the sidebar before even thinking about a new project.

Yes, I know it's about time to think about holiday knitting. And I've got to finish something for my new nephew. And the list goes on...


Seradee said...

Hurray on your knitting! Now if I could just put down the book I'm reading (yeah right) I can start crocheting again. I have touched the dishrag I'm making since the end of March......

Anna said...

And I thought I was bad with the halt in crafty progress!

You should post some pictures of the things you've finished. I'd love to see them!

Serena said...

WOOOHOO...Congrats on getting back on that knitting track...I need to get myself motivated, but it is hard when you are tired. LOL

I guess I have been writing though, which is good.

Gladly, I will take photos of your work anytime so you can post it.

Anna said...