Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Knitting Mishaps

So now that I'm feeling better, you'd think the knitting would be plugging along. That's what I thought, but not so.

After Serena presented me with an awesome scrapbook full of our college memories (and some very embarrassing high school photos given to her by my sister), she couldn't resist and let me show her what was supposed to be her Christmas gift. (Thankfully, Christmas isn't technically over until the Feast of Epiphany on Jan. will be done by then, I swear!) Of course, I'm knitting her a pair of Jaywalkers in a colorway that mixes orange, red, blues, and greens. I wasn't sure how she'd like it, but she was very excited!

So, yesterday while The Girl slept and the hubby was at work, I decided to use my new iHome (an awesome gift from the hubby) to listen to the new tunes I downloaded with my gift card (an awesome gift from Serena and her hubby) and happily finish up the Jaywalkers. In my ill fog, I'd managed to turn the heel, so all I needed to do was pick up stitches for the gusset and proceed.

Ahem. Someone (I won't name names) is currently unknitting 16 rows because of her inability to read simple instructions. Actually, this certain someone figured she'd knit these socks so many times in the past (this is her 4th pair) that she didn't have to read the gusset instructions and failed to slip the stitches every other row. This certain someone is pretty ticked off, but I don't feel sorry for's her own dumb fault.

Moving on to other knitting mishaps...

The hubby is a major New England Patriots fan and wanted a hat resembling one worn by quarterback Tom Brady, and of course, I agreed. He's never specifically requested a handknit item before, and I was happy to oblige. He paused the tv while I took notes. I'd never done colorwork before, so it was different having to chart out letters and plan things out. It took me a week to get the letters to look just right. I couldn't get the cast on number right, so I made him close his eyes while I made sure it fit. Then I figured I was golden and rushed forth, determined to get the hat completed by Christmas.

Well, I reached my goal, and I was happy with how it looks. (Remember, I'm not one to stray from the written pattern, and I've never knit with two colors before!) The color scheme is the only thing that really resembles the original hat.

Patriots Hat

Pattern: My own. It must be reworked (see below).
Yarn: I was stashbusting. I used Red Heart Supersaver (aka cheapo acrylic) in Royal and Cherry and Mainstays (aka Wal-Mart cheapo acrylic) in White
Needles: U.S. 6 Susan Bates circulars, though it was knit flat and seamed.
Started & Finished: 12/2007
What I'll do differently next time: I'm going to use wool for sure with the next version! Oh, and take better measurements of the recipient's head!

So the hubby opens the gift, and he's all excited...and I'm all proud of myself. Maybe I should've had him close his eyes and try on the hat while it was in progress. I mean, it's not like he didn't know I was making it for him, right?

The thing is, he loves the hat so much and is so proud of my knitting that he refuses to let me redo the crown or do any other tinkering. I threatened to take it when he wasn't looking, but he's hidden it away for a colder day. The only good thing is that I plan to refine the design, so he'll be pleasantly surprised when he gets a new and improved Patriots Hat. (I will say I'm pretty flattered that he loves it so much. He's a keeper!)

Well, back to reknitting the back soon with more finished knits and book talk!

**Photos Copyright 2007 Serena M. Agusto-Cox**


Serena said...

So procrastinating took hold of you this afternoon, as it did me. I blogged again! LOL Since I missed Jan. 1.

I'm glad that he likes the hat. I still have one more scrapbooking present to go...MJ is getting one, but I am patiently awaiting the old photos from the family, which recently moved to CO to join her in her new house.

Anyways, I am not worried about when I get the new socks...though I hope it is before I wear out my lovely GREEN AND BLUE ONES I already wear probably way too many times per week.

I love that photo of the hubby in the hat, even if it is too big.

Dawn said...

Oh Anna, You had me busting up! It's so SWEET that he loves the hat the way it is!! He IS a keeper! You really did do a great job (despite the size!). Every hat I've screwed up for my FIL my hubby has said he'd keep. He's my biggest fan too! Awwww...warm fuzzies!!!

Don't jaywalkers run small? Did I ask this already? What size do you usually make? I'm going to try it one day...if I ever dig my way out of my stash...

Anna said...

He actually wore the hat this morning, too big and all. He folded up the bottom edge of the hat and was good to go. I grumbled about it not fitting, but he told me to behave and let it go. :D

Dawn--I've always knit the smallest size Jaywalkers on U.S. 2 needles and I've never had a problem with them being too small. They fit me perfectly and I have wide feet. Serena's feet are narrow, so they could be a tiny bit smaller for her. Hope this helps!

Anna said...

I'm also happy to hear I'm not the only one with hat problems, and fans that don't care! :D

Dawn said...

Thanks for the info Anna! I usually use size 1 for socks, maybe I'll try my 1.5's! LOL!

I always think my feet are smaller than they really are! That's why so many of my socks go to my Mom! LOL!

Remember to make that appt! I have mine usually in January anyway (total Bleh! But you gotta do what you gotta do!). My friend had a family history of that cancer but still, it's important to make that one appt a year for ourselves.

Thanks for all the stash support too!!!!! I almost lost my mind for a bit there! LOL!

Talk to ya soon!

Bethany said...

You are way more ambitious than me. I hardly ever knit for my husband, he will never wear what I knit and that irks me. I knit him a scarf and it is still sitting in the box....

Anna said...

Don't feel bad...this is really the first thing I've knit that's gotten such a good reception from him. Of course, he likes the other things I knit him, but he's not big into winter wear. I knit him a scarf, mittens for snow shoveling, two hats, and a pair of socks. The mittens and hats get worn, but only when shoveling.

maniacalmultitasker said...

Anna I LOVE that hat!
btw it's just so sweet that itsa bit big for him!
My hubby isn't into winter either. I have made really nice things for him but alas, they're always nicely folded in the wardrobe cupboard

Anna said...

Thanks! No work yet on version 2...been too tired lately.

Serena said...

no new post yet...hmm..i know you are working on some...get them posted girl!

Anna said...

I posted for ya, babe!!

Anonymous said...

Hi !! My husband is a fan of New England Patriots and I was looking for something to knit when I found your blog... Have you wrote the pattern of this hat ? If you want to share it with me I would be really greatful !!