Friday, February 8, 2008

Evil Lipstick Dinosaurs

So I finally finished seaming and stuffing and sewing Norberta. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for The Girl, but having seen all my problems with Serena's gift... Well, let's just say I'm late with the Christmas gifts and leave it at that. (Pretty soon they'll be gifts for next Christmas, but whatever.)

I made Norberta out of Cascade 220 and some unidentified yarn that I suspect is Wool-Ease. I didn't have any stuffing, so I was creative and used strips from a torn t-shirt I was getting ready to throw away.

I surprised my daughter by finishing it up last night when she was sleeping and leaving it on the couch for her to find in the morning. As with Patrick Star, she carried him everywhere with her today. He was even waiting for me when I got off the train. (I'm just assuming it's a he. I have no idea what it is or what she named it!)

Pictures, you ask? Um...I think I'll pass. I have yet to master the knitted toy. Only the hedgehog was suitable for pictures, and I wasn't pleased with how he turned out. I've knit The Girl a monkey, a bunny, and my favorite, a T-Rex. The monkey's head flops all over the place, the bunny is just...interesting, and T-Rex...well, I don't know what to make of him...or her.

I'm just not good with sewing the pieces on correctly. I guess that comes with practice. At least The Girl treasures the stuffed animals I've knit, so it makes it all worthwhile.

Okay, I know you all probably want to know about T-Rex and the title of this blog post. The Girl begged me for a dinosaur, preferably a T-Rex because that's her favorite. I didn't have any suitable dinosaur colors at the time, we were short on cash, so I raided the stash. (Hey, that rhymed!) I figured pink was a good enough dinosaur color because it's The Girl's favorite.

Wait...the story gets better! I had no idea what to use for eyes, so I figured I'd sew on some buttons. So I chose clear buttons with a black flower and a clear circle in the center where you insert the thread. (I haven't mastered button terminology either, apparently!) Then I needed thread that complements the pink T-Rex. Of course, I chose red, and I sewed the eyes on.

The Girl specifically said she wanted blood to cover T-Rex's mouth so it would look like it had just emerged victorious from a dinosaur battle (and dinner), so I though it was a perfect time to learn duplicate stitch. At least I mastered something! So I stitched on these blood drops without any rhyme or reason, and I was so happy T-Rex was done so I could surprise The Girl the next morning.

Talk about knitter's denial! No way this could pass as a predatory, bloodthirsty dino! I held up T-Rex to admire my work...and I should've just knit a purse to go with it. What I had was an evil-eyed, very girly dinosaur that knows to apply her lipstick before she goes out in public.

Of course, The Girl loved it, but seriously, I'm not posting a picture of Norberta because my failure at the knitted toy should remain a family secret. (Well, blogging certainly lets the cat out of the bag, but y'all know what I mean!)

While I finished Norberta, I skimmed the DVR and finally watched the first Jane Austen Masterpiece Theater episode, Northanger Abbey. I've never read the book, so I have no idea whether it did the book justice. It was interesting, and oh my word that Henry Tilney is SO HOT!

Anyway, I hope to get back to more regular posting and finish talking about the books I read last year. Work seriously has been kicking my butt lately, and it doesn't help that the whole family is sick. I'm just coming down with it now. Oh, well. I've got a few more Jane Austen episodes to keep me occupied.


Dawn said...

No fair! Get me all excited with that great description and then not show it(him/her?). I'd support your knitting even if it did look a little.. um..odd? LOL!
Can we see a pic pleazzzee?

I really hope your family gets to feeling better FAST. I've been sick for a week already and although the congestion is better, I still feel bad more than I wish I did. I'm so SICK of being sick!:P

Take good care and hang in there! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see the lipstick dinosaur! :)

It's a real bummer when the whole family is down with something. I hope you all recover soon!

Rachel said...

That's totally unfair. We definitely need to see the pink dinosaur!

Serena said...

I will be taking photos of norberta. You better bring it to work with you tuesday! I will get the photos taken and posted.

As for the lipstick t-rex, I think red is the perfect color for a blood thirsty dino. Besides she is a girl and there is no reason for fashion to suffer just because she is a carnivore.

Serena said...

LOL you better fix that norberta then before tuesday!

Bethany said...

Hey! You can't do that...lets see it! If you don't I will email you all 50 shots of my puppy graduation ceremony!